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How are molds made?

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What is mold making?

Mold making or molding is the process in which something is created that will produce a negative representation of an object. That something is the mold, and it can be made of many different materials, in many different ways. If mold making could be categorized into just 10 main types of molding processes, this site would represent just a fraction of those many different styles. The kind of molding this site focuses on is primarily model replication. In which a model is coated or submerged into mold making materials to produce the mold.  It sounds so simple in theory, but in practice molding can be an uncompromising beast.

Why would you need a mold?

Molds are generally used to cast parts. It allows for an exact 3dimensional copy of any object. Typically molds are used in mass production, but with the advancement in materials, and the accessibility to those chemicals, high-quality molds are available to anyone. With your own molds, you can create multiple copies of your art or business idea. Molds are especially essential when used in conjunction with 3D printing. Creating a mold from a 3D printed object would allow for a wider variety of finished materials at a fraction of the cost. Imagine you build and print the next best phone case, and you want to give some away as gifts. Suddenly you see it’s a hit and their friends come asking for one. Having a mold would allow for several hundred copies to be made in less time than a 3d printer.

How are molds made?

Although there are many ways to generate molds. Typically for art and 3d print replication, one of three different mold styles suffice. Those styles being a box mold, a brush-up, or a matrix mold. Box molding is the simplest, as it’s literally building a box around the object to be replicated and filled with a mold making material, usually silicone. A brush-up mold is created exactly like it sounds, mold making material is brushed onto the object until the desired thickness is reached. Matrix molding involves covering the object in clay first, and creating a mold of that new shape. Once that material is dry, the mold is opened and the clay is cleaned out, leaving a void between the object and the outer mold. Then, mold making material is poured into that void completing the mold.

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